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All American Horse Challenge

One of the classes we're offering for this years 2019 All American Horse Challenge is Camp Drafting. This is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The riding style is Australian stock, somewhat akin to American Western riding and the event is similar to the American stock horse events such as cutting, working cow horse, team penning, and ranch sorting. Camp Drafting puts the skills of both horse and rider to test of how good a cattleman they are. Camp Drafting involves two main stages and is a timed event. Firstly "The Camp" or cutout yard is where the rider selects his cow, separates it from a herd and works it in a pen. Then "The Course" or arena is where the rider guides his cow through a pattern, usually a cloverleaf barrel pattern. Camp Drafts are judged by a single judge on horseback.


Schedule Of Event Coming Soon!