The American Mustang Training Challenge is a competition for wild horses and burros (TIP horses and burros are also eligible) that have been adopted between March 11th and June 30th. Trainers may receive and submit their applications to in order to apply to compete. Applications are open through June 30th.

The AMTC Challenge will take place at the Norco Horse Affair on October 4-6, 2019 at Ingalls Park in Norco, CA.


There will be four divisions:

Youth (in-hand only) - mustangs 2 years and younger and any age burro are eligible for this division

The youth division consists of the following classes:

  • in-hand handling class
  • in-hand indoor trail class
  • in-hand freestyle class


Adult In-Hand - any age mustang or burro is eligible to compete in this division

The adult In-Hand division consists of the following:

  • in-hand handling class
  • in-hand trail class 
  • in-hand freestyle class


Adult Walk-Trot - Horses must be aged 3 and over (no burros for riding! Sorry!)

Adult walk trot classes will be as follows:

  • In-hand handling class
  • Walk Trot Indoor Trail class 
  • Walk Trot Rural Trail ride
  • Walk-Trot arena pattern class

The top 5 competitors of this division will have a walk-trot freestyle finals on Saturday night.


Adult Open - Horses must be aged 3 and over (no burros for riding! Sorry!) 

The Open division consists of the following classes:

  • In-hand handling class
  • Open Indoor Trail Class
  • Open Rural Trail Ride
  • Open Arena Pattern Class

The top 10 competitors will compete in a Finals Freestyle class Saturday night.


All divisions will have buckles, ribbons and prizes.

There will be cash prizes dependent on number of entries.


Trainers may show more than one horse or burro.

The owner of the horse does not need to be the trainer - but the trainer that shows does need to have an accepted application with the AMTC.


Applicants do not need to select the division they will compete in until September 1st, 2019.

Horses and burros must be adopted between March 11th and June 30th. Trainers may adopt their competition animal from any BLM facility, satellite adoption or TIP trainer anywhere in the country.

To be eligible to compete trainers must submit an application to the AMTC by June 30th to


No previous mustang or burro experience is necessary - this competition is very welcoming and encouraging of beginners - but if you have not trained a wild horse or burro in the past, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help and guidance along your training journey.

The object of this competition is to show a well-rounded, gentle and handleable horse or burro that has been treated in a kind, humane and ethical fashion. The more training a horse or burro has in their lifetime the safer the animal is from ever ending up in the wrong place. Our goal is to get as many horses and burros into good, loving homes as possible while showing the usability, diversity and extreme trainability of these incredible animals. 

There will not be an auction at the end of the competition but the trainers will have the opportunity to sell or reassign their animal after the competition is over if they desire to do so. This gives the trainers an opportunity to find the right home for their equine or keep the horse or burro for themselves. We do anticipate to have a good number of animals available for public sale and adoption at the end of the event, so if you are looking for your next riding partner or burro pal, please follow along with the trainers in this group and on the AMTC page and get to know the animals ahead of time.

Additional rules and regulations will continue to be posted over the next couple of months.

We are extremely grateful to be welcoming some of the very best Mustang trainers in the nation to judge this event.


Tom Hagwood, Wylene Wilson-Davis and Arianne Hagwood will make up 3 of the 5 spots on the judging panel - with two additional judges to be announced in the near future.

This competition is entirely self-funded by a handful of Mustang loving individuals, so sponsorship for classes, divisions, buckles, general expenses, etc., is absolutely welcome and appreciated. Please see the American Mustang Training Challenge page for additional details or email for more information.


We look forward to having you join us at the AMTC!


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