Jerry Lunde

Jerry Lunde has been in the Farrier business for 38 years. A Master Farrier, Mr. Lunde has been flown all over the United States following his practice and shoeing some of the best show horses in the world, having shod over 4000 World and NRHA Champions. Mr. Lunde works with many veterinarians nationally to come up with solutions for horses with lameness issues. Standing by his side, his wife Shelley Lunde has assisted Jerry in producing over 150 World Champions in multiple disciplines in the show horse industry. Mr. Lunde and his wife were also inducted to the Norco Hall of Fame for his achievements in the equine industry.

Jerry will attest, much of his successes in business have come to him because he also rides and trains horses for all disciplines in which he also shoes. This provides him that extra insight that maybe some farriers may not have. Jerry will be demonstrating this philosophy and how he implements it in his daily training/farrier program.

For all you competitors out there, Jerry will be sharing his knowledge with others to help bring a better understanding between the Horse, Owner and your Farrier.


Jesseca Hutchings

Jesseca is a cowboy dressage world recommended judge. Cowboy Dressage has always felt that it takes courage to live your dreams. It is the goal of Cowboy Dressage World to help make your dreams a reality. Horsemanship is an arduous journey. A good relationship with a horse is an endless endeavor. There are highs and lows, frustration and joy, disappointment and achievement. Horses can stir all our deepest emotions. They heighten our senses and test our patience and knowledge. They can bring us peace and safe haven. Horses call to us and for many the call penetrates to the depth of our very being. Cowboy Dressage World wants you to experience it all. Open your heart and mind and let’s saddle up and ride!


Kash Grimes

Kash Grimes grew up in Southern California and started showing horses at age 9 with her local 4-H club. As her experience grew, Kash went on to show in regional and national events garnering many championships along the way. She competed in showmanship, trail, western pleasure and equitation divisions, to name a few. Her trainer at the time, Sue Wood, was adamant about teaching the importance of a proper seat, hands and executing patterns. Kash would like to share some of her judging experience with the audience today on how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes on executing horsemanship patterns and tips to make you stand out as a winning competitor.

Kash has judged many local, regional and national shows with various breeds for over 30 years and currently holds judges cards with American Pinto Association, American Miniature Horse Association, American Miniature Horse Registry, Ponies of America, American Buckskin Registry Association and Equestrian Trails, Inc. and resides in Norco, CA.


Polly Limond

Polly Limond served as a Region 2 Director in 2017, and this year she ran and was elected to the position of President Elect. This means that she will spend the year working with current President Barbara Price and Past President Julie Alonzo, learning about the duties of President to ensure a smooth transition in leadership next fall.

Polly comes to the sport with an incredible background in dressage. She has over 30 years’ experience training, teaching, coaching, and competing in USDF competitions, where she has earned her Bronze and Silver Medals, as well as her Silver Freestyle Medal.