Bureau of Land Management


The Bureau of Land Management is dedicated to helping to join America’s wild horses and horse owners all over the United States and they are coming here to Norco! They believe we can make a difference one mustang at a time!


Casey Warren Crabtree

Casey Horse Grooming - Body Clipping

When I was 11yrs old I wanted my horse clipped, so my mom bought me clippers! Happily my old mare was an angel and let us girls learn & practice on her. I continued perfecting my talent on the rent string at our barn in Palos Verdes. I worked for an agent at the race track, prepping horses for sales. Here I learned how to survive the crazies by working quickly! 

When I moved to Norco in , what started as a side business, to suppliment my income and be available for my daughter and her school & sports schedule, I started Casey's Horse Grooming. The rest is sort of history.....27yrs later Casey's Horse Grooming is a full time, almost year round job that I love!! Hundreds of State, National and World Championships in all breeds and disciplines. 

Website: www.facebook.com/casey.warren

Phone: 951-294-7505


Animal Health International (Christian Harper)

Animal Health International, Inc. is the premier animal health company in North America and has been serving the needs of customers for more than 40 years. No other distributor has a broader product offering. Animal Health International represents over 1,000 manufacturers that supply products focused on companion animal, equine, beef and dairy cattle, poultry, and swine. Animal Health International offers products ranging from vaccines and pharmaceuticals to state of the art equipment and software. Animal Health International has direct, long standing relationships with all major animal health manufacturers, which allows us to stock quality products in our 70 plus locations, where they are properly stored and shipped in a timely fashion. In addition, we offer beneficial niche products from select international, national, regional, and local suppliers which provides a unique and specialized breadth of products.


Dave Robart

Dave Robart is a Three-time world champion and three-time reserved world champion also multiple national Top five and top 10s a renowned horse trainer and bit revolutionist who owns and operates Robart Training Center in Hookerton, NC. Robart’s training practices using his patented ‘Pinchless Bits’ and methods of positive reinforcement have provided an answer to what other trainers have labeled problematic horses. “My passion for horses began when I was 11 years old, exercising race horses in California. This passion grew even stronger when I began breaking horses with his father, a trainer of Roy Roger’s horses.” It was in 1985 that Robart opened his first training facility.

Robart has over 30 years of experience are now available to the novice horse owners and riders through clinics where he educates them on bits, biting, training techniques, and tracing behavior problems. The most popular portion of Robart’s clinics involves a lesson on understanding body language where he uses his patented products to show cause and effect.



“Circle D Ranch is home to 17 Draft horses ranging in age from 4-16. We have 5 different breeds of draft horses represented which include, Belgian, Brabant, Percheron, Clydesdale and Shires. The horses perform a range of roles at the Disneyland Resort including, pulling the Horse Drawn Street Car on Main Street, U.S.A., pulling the Cinderella Coach for our Fairytale Weddings, and preforming in various special events at the Disneyland Resort along with various city parades. 

Circle D has approximately 60 cast members who provide all care and training of the horses.”


Dr. Paul Wan

So. Cal Equine Hospital - Pain Management

Dr. Wan graduated from the University of Georgia in 1989 and later completed his surgical residency at the University of Tennessee. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He is well versed in all major fields of surgery: soft tissue, orthopedics, laparoscopic, and laser. Along with his surgical interests, he has spent many years honing his skills as a lameness expert. Dr. Wan is well versed in diagnosing and treating all types of lameness problems. He has continually sought to learn from the best in the country as well as around the world. This has given him a highly respected reputation among his peers and clients. Dr. Wan is an active member of AVMA, ACVS, AAEP, CVMA, and ISLEP.

Email: pwan@socalequinehospital.com


OH Kruse

Western Milling has four locations consisting of its headquarters in Goshen, with full production capabilities, a feed mill operation with commodity storage and mixing capabilities in Phoenix, a distribution and sack warehouse in Ontario, CA, and finally its newest site in Famoso, which is set up to roll corn and process various commodities, including distillers grains, canola and cottonseed. Being one of the first feed manufacturers in the United States to use compartmented tankers for livestock feeds, the Company has always felt that trucking was an integral part of its business and Western Milling has carried on this tradition. Through its affiliate, OHK Transport, LLC, it currently has approximately 70 trucks on the road delivering feed to its customers. With production capacity and demand continually on the rise, the Kruse family has been undoubtedly successful in reestablishing themselves as a market share leader in the western United States. As O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling gears up for the competitive environment that awaits in the future, we remain mindful of the core values and primary success factors that got us where we are today. O.H. Kruse is only as good as its people, which is its primary resource and asset. Our success evolved out of the beginnings which date back to 1935 and was based on working as one team then and will continue by working as one team as it goes forward into the future.


Triple Crown

It takes a unique combination of genetic potential, superior training, hard work and quality care to become a winner of the prestigious Triple Crown. But the secret to raising a successful horse begins with a superior feeding program. Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. has developed such a feed program. Much like the Triple Crown racing event, which consists of three acclaimed races, the manufacturing of Triple Crown products focuses on three critical areas: Revolutionary formulations, Premium Ingredients and our EquiMix® Technology. The Triple Crown program of feed, supplements and fibers can create a successful feeding program and is unlike any other product line. The program is designed to address your concerns about proper equine nutrition, its benefits, as well as the dangers of improper feeding and dispensing of supplements. While feeding your horse Triple Crown® feed, supplements and fiber may not automatically place your horse in the winner’s circle, it will help her maintain high performance levels, and keep your horse healthy and in supreme condition.


White Rose Singers

The White Rose Singers are an all girl Native American hand drum group. The White Rose Singers are from Sherman Indian High School, an off-reservation boarding high school for Native Americans located in Riverside.


Will Friday

Horse Massage

Your equine partner deserves the best care. Bodywork, exercise, and nutrition play an important part in overall horse care and well being. Come learn how you can get started on the way to a happier, healthier horse.


Website: https://www.performanceequinebodywork.com/contact