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Escaramuza Palomas de Rancho Jimenez

Escaramuza Palomas de Rancho Jimenez was founded in November 2010 by Atzimba Zamudio who is supporting herself with her Amazonas de Palomas school- in which she gives riding lesson. Also, she keeps making it possible for Palomasde Rancho Jimenez to be always active in the most important events at a state level; which include participation in cultural events and being active in the Federacion Mexicana De Charreria. It is important to mention that this team constantly has a great volume of students at the same time allowing the formation of additional groups such as the Infantile category of Palomas de Rancho Jimenez and Palomas de Rancho Jimenez Team B. Therefore, allowing their work in the sport of Charreriato be noticed and constantly allowing girls and women who never had the experience of equestrian life to venture something new.


Jaime Murrillo

Jaime Murillo, Jr. is 18 ½ years old and is a lifelong Ventura County resident. He lives in Bakersfield, CA with his parents and siblings. He is a 2017 graduate from Camarillo High School and is currently attending Bakersfield Community College.

Horses have always been a part of Jaime’s life, with an occasional steer here and there. He embraces with respect and admiration all aspects and sports dealing with horses. When he was a toddler he would put on his “gear” that consisted of his dad’s old hat and chaps while pretending he was a PBR rider all day long.

For the past 6 years Jaime has been very active in the charreadas. He has been a part of local and traveling teams. He has excelled individually in the coleaderos and has participated and placed or won in many competitions. When he is not on a horse he spends his time practicing and perfecting his roping skills. Jaime is very dedicated and passionate about everything horse related. That could be why he makes it look so easy…he makes it seem like anybody can easily do what he does on foot or on horse.

Jaime is a very kind and compassionate person. I think that always having to take care of animals large and small has taught him this. He is an excellent son and brother. He is always willing to help his parents with anything asked of him. As the oldest of three children he is an excellent role model for his brother and sister.

Jaime has learned to balance his academics with his horse commitments. He knows what it is to struggle but to persevere and overcome challenges through hard work and by not giving up.


Juan Antonio del Villar

Juan Antonio started working with horses at the age of 10. He learned aside his father how to train wild horses for plowing and pulling wagons. He saw the ways of the ranchero in Mexico and how they treated horses and was not fond of them. When he was 15 he saw a movie called, “Aguila Solitaria” (Lone Eagle) which is about a Native American Indian who was able to direct his horse with no rope and no saddle. He was very fond of this type of training. He wanted to train horses with natural horsemanship skills, by gaining their trust and creating a bond with the animal through natural body language.

From a young age Juan Antonio was an observer, always intrigued by horses and the ways they communicate with each other. It was amazing to him to witness the cadency of the horse’s natural movements. Juan Antonio’s training consists heavily on ground work because he believes it is the foundation to develop trust, bond and communication with the horse. He truly believes that in any equestrian discipline the most important thing to have between horse and man is trust.


Annabel Lopez

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