All American Horse Challenge


A new and exciting riding competition is coming to Horsetown, USA! This inaugural year, the Norco Horse Affair is introducing, The All American Horse Challenge!  This competition is designed for rider of all ages and all disciplines to demonstrate the versatility of their equines. This 5-segment competition was created by Mary Rose Anderson, a 3X Reserve High Point Champion in the Charles Wilhelm Ultimate Super Horse Challenge.  Using a similar concept, the All American Horse Challenge will showcase overall performance and endurance  of equine and rider.  Mary Rose developed this competition to further test riders with a unique spin on competitive riding.

Starting July 1st Mary Rose Anderson will open up applications to accept only 5 riders in each of these three divisions: Open (Pro), Amateur (Non-Pro), and Youth (17 & Under). Riders will also be asked to send in audition video and of these the challengers will be picked and announced on September 1st. Here’s what those participating should expect:

Friday, October 6th - Hunt & Hack

AAHC5Yes, this is a jumper’s challenge but with an audience participation twist. Riders will be asked to hunt down specific items from audience members that will correlate to a themed jump they will hack over in a preset course, before returning each item and moving on to the next. Jumps will be elevated at different heights depending on the riders’ division. And riders will be judged on performance as well as a race against the clock!

Saturday, October 7th - Trail Blaze Trivia

This second event will test a riders’ knowledge of different equine world categories all while maneuvering though a basic to advanced obstacle course. Obstacles will include those you find in everyday trail challenges and each obstacle will have a theme based design and question. Riders will be judged on performance through the obstacle and ability to answer each question successfully.

Saturday, October 7th - Freestyle Dressage

AAHC6Riders will take this opportunity to demonstrate the partnership and possible hidden talents they can bring to the show ring with their equines. Riders will be judged on the ability to develop a unique sequence of maneuvers, all while showing balance in all 3 gaits and maintaining relaxation, pureness of gaits, and a soft; yet steady connection to the rider's aids.

Sunday, October 8th - Ranch Hand Land

This will be the toughest portion of the whole event as riders will be asked to cut a cow from a herd inside of a holding pen and then move it out a gate and into the open arena and through a set pattern. There will be one obstacle the cow will be required to go over, go under, or pass through. Riders will be judged on flexibility and handle of their horse, as well as the accuracy and execution of each pattern and task.

Finally, the most exciting part the whole weekend - Team Challenge

AAHC7Get ready for an edge of your seat performance. Each Pro rider will draw, 1 rider from the other 2 divisions and that team of 3 will have to sort cattle and then complete, in a relay. This is a timed event but must be competed correctly to receive full points!

Awards will be presented after the last event on Sunday! Awards 1st - 5th place finisher.


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