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Presenters & Demonstrations

2019 Presenters


Bill Cameron


Cameron, the Ultimate Horseman, grew up in the horse industry and started out wrangling on movie sets and commercials at the age of fourteen alongside his father, Denzel Cameron. He has been a professional horseman for over 45 years.Bill’s training philosphy is a unique method based on the horse’s perspective. “This style of training produces a content and willing partner."  Bill's riding skills are a combination of European Dressage and Western Riding in which he uses mostly leg. His training method and technique produces a horse that is willing to go through obstacles with grace and ease on the trail and in front of large crowds of people. He is known for his soft hands and gentle approach. Bill has set the bar of competition high in equestrian sports. He is a prominent professional clinician and coach.  He is a horse advocate who has a passion for the horse’s point of view. Bill is currently competing and training students and horses for Extreme Cowboy Racing, the new and exciting sport that is sweeping the globe.  Bill is an EXCA Hall of Fame inductee, a Level 5 EXCA Judge, has made the EXCA World  Finals three times, and has designed the EXCA World Finals courses & judged the EXCA World Finals since 2012. 


Stuart Rybak


Stuart has dedicated a lifetime to being a student of the horse. He was certified as a professional horse trainer over twenty years ago by World Champion colt starter Craig Cameron. Since then Stuart has been training full time for the public and starting colts for many million dollar riders in North Texas. Stuart also spends his time teaching horsemanship clinics, judging Mustang Makeovers, and judging World Championships for Extreme Cowboy racing. Stuart has worked with horses and riders in almost every discipline to help develop that coveted partnership so they can strive in their disciplines and accomplish their goals.


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