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Joe Misner - Mustangs

Joseph P. Misner was the 2014 Champion of the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Norco competition. Joe has competed in 13 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, which include the Special invitational Mustang Magic top ten trainer’s competitions, 4 times. He has placed in the top ten, 9 out of 13 mustang makeovers. Joe has been a T.I.P. trainer for the Mustang Heritage Foundation for the past 8 years, helping mustangs find forever homes. He has been training B.L.M. mustangs for over a decade, and has owned, trained ,and shown several breeds of horses for over 30 years. Joe is dedicated to helping America’s wild horses and horse owners achieve their highest potential by using natural horsemanship techniques and learning leadership! He believes we can make a difference one mustang at a time!

Joe is currently the Training Manager at the Sacramento County, Rio Consumes Correctional Center helping inmates and wild mustangs start new lives.



“Circle D Ranch is home to 17 Draft horses ranging in age from 4-16. We have 5 different breeds of draft horses represented which include, Belgian, Brabant, Percheron, Clydesdale and Shires. The horses perform a range of roles at the Disneyland Resort including, pulling the Horse Drawn Street Car on Main Street, U.S.A., pulling the Cinderella Coach for our Fairytale Weddings, and preforming in various special events at the Disneyland Resort along with various city parades. 

Circle D has approximately 60 cast members who provide all care and training of the horses.”


Casey Warren Crabtree

Casey Horse Grooming - Body Clipping

When I was 11yrs old I wanted my horse clipped, so my mom bought me clippers! Happily my old mare was an angel and let us girls learn & practice on her. I continued perfecting my talent on the rent string at our barn in Palos Verdes. I worked for an agent at the race track, prepping horses for sales. Here I learned how to survive the crazies by working quickly! 

When I moved to Norco in , what started as a side business, to suppliment my income and be available for my daughter and her school & sports schedule, I started Casey's Horse Grooming. The rest is sort of history.....27yrs later Casey's Horse Grooming is a full time, almost year round job that I love!! Hundreds of State, National and World Championships in all breeds and disciplines. 


Phone: 951-294-7505