Curtis Craig


Curtis Craig has over 7 years of public accounting experience specializing in accounting, tax and general business consulting. A Southern California local, he graduated from California Baptist University with a bachelor of science in accounting. Today, Curtis practices as a partner of his firm, Genske Mulder & Company, LLP, and works closely with clients ranging from small family business to large multi-entity enterprises. Curtis enjoys assisting his clients in growth and navigating them through the complexities of business structures and tax planning.


J.T. Garoutte

Trailer Safety and Maintenance

J.T. has been a professional service and repair expert for a prestigious Trailer company here in our home town of Norco, California. He specializes in annual services, customizations and alterations, warranty services, insurance claims, and after market claims. Basically, he can do it all! He is going to provide some incredibly valuable information to help you keep your trailer maintained and safe for all users involved. 



Wendy McEuen

Head Trama and Helmet Safty - Sponsored by Tipperary.
(Helmet giveaway associated with this seminar)

Wendy has been an Injury Prevention Coordinator at Riverside Community Hospital for nearly 15 years. She has a Master's degree in nursing education as well as a bachelor's degree in animal sciences. She is also a professor at a local college in the nursing field. She is going to be presenting us with life-saving information when a head trama may occur. Please come and learn what you can do to save a life! There will also be a helmet giveaway at Wendy's seminar.

Contact: 951-788-3650


Heidi McLaughlin

Like many young girls, Heidi McLaughlin was your typical horse-crazy kid! Born into a non-equine blue-collar family with no exposure to horses, all that Heidi ever wanted to do was ride one. Sadly, her first experience in the saddle at eight years old was anything but wonderful when a barn sour horse ran away with her and scared her half to death. While her passion was still there, the terrifying experience left her with a paralyzing fear of the creatures that she loved so much; a fear that would take more than half her lifetime to overcome. After going to college, marrying, working and devoting herself to raising three sons, Heidi finally set out to indulge her lifetime dream of owning her own horse. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she was in over her head. She bought horse after horse trying to find the right match but what Heidi didn’t know at the time was that her fear was so deep-seeded that no horse on earth would ever be right for her until she first dealt with the real problem, her fear; thus, beginning her long and frustrating journey into fearless horsemanship. Now, as an author, speaker and clinician on fear, Heidi does not want your journey to be this way. Her best-selling book, “K.I.C.K. Your Fear of Horses”, was written in the hope that her experience of overcoming fear would inspire others to begin the process to begin to break down their fear and build up their confidence and find joy in the saddle again.

Let her teach you the secrets to becoming a confident rider…a fearless rider! Please visit her website at:


Jim Nocero

As a successful Business Owner, Global Operations Manager, National Supply Chain and MFG Resource developer, prior to becoming an executive Property and Causality Insurance Broker over a decade ago, one common core element has kept me forthright, the equestrian lifestyle.

As Principle Division Manager of BOIS, these common cores that all equine owners and lovers have is unmistakable, its hard work, caring desire, focus on details and most importantly trust and honesty that characterizes our personal and business successes. 

Our commercial prominence includes: Manufacturing, Medical Care operations & properties, both in human services and our equine and pet friends, Sports Venues & Clubs, and Professional and Personal services markets. Our Equine division is an inclusive protection advantage for both Personal and Commercial equine markets, in addition to; equine support services, mfg/retail/suppliers, events and competitions. 

Phone: (800) 264-7750


Dr. Paul Wan

So. Cal Equine Hospital - Pain Management

Dr. Wan graduated from the University of Georgia in 1989 and later completed his surgical residency at the University of Tennessee. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. He is well versed in all major fields of surgery: soft tissue, orthopedics, laparoscopic, and laser. Along with his surgical interests, he has spent many years honing his skills as a lameness expert. Dr. Wan is well versed in diagnosing and treating all types of lameness problems. He has continually sought to learn from the best in the country as well as around the world. This has given him a highly respected reputation among his peers and clients. Dr. Wan is an active member of AVMA, ACVS, AAEP, CVMA, and ISLEP.



More presentors coming!