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October 4-7, 2018 - Norco, California



Pippa Ariss - StarBrite

Horse trainer and Riding Instructor

Pippa Ariss, Co-Owner of StarBrite Riding Academy in Norco, California has developed her own equestrian skills over 30 years.  Formally educated in equine science at Mt. San Antonio College, and Cal-Poly, Pomona, Pippa achieved multiple championships in halter, driving and under saddle. She also trained and qualified two Friesian stallions in the United States into the FPS, Barteld 292 and Pyt 325 while working at the Ghost Ranch with her family in Wrightwood, California.  Pippa was in charge of the breeding program at the Ghost Ranch where Pyt bred over 100 mares a year, shipping semen all over the US and Canada. Her experience is quite extensive, including but not limited to, stallion training and handling, live cover as well as artificial insemination, foaling, imprinting, starting and training from initial haltering to the show ring.   Pippa has hosted numerous keurings and events but loves riding and the relationship with the horse most.

Pippa offers instruction for riders of all levels who want to improve their riding and communication skills in a simple, safe and productive way. She gets the most satisfaction in working with beginners of all ages because she believes a strong foundation is key to great horsemanship.


Jodie Childs

Gaited Specialist / Trick Trainer

Jody Childs has been featured on RFD and HRTV on Equestrian Nation, Charles Wilhelm's Ultimate Super Horse Challenge and America's Favorite Trail Horse.  First a champion hunter/jumper trainer,  Jody then raised and trained Peruvian horses garnering numerous championships in gait and performance. She was the first gaited horse rider to compete in the Ultimate Super Horse Challenge earning Reserve Champion.  With mentoring and encouragement from Gary Lane she was the Gaited horse Clinician for Horse Expo Pomona this year.   Her demonstration partner  is a stunning Palomino Tennuvian who loves doing tricks and is related to Roy Rogers' Trigger Jr.   She has introduce d the "Microwave Method in a crock pot world" to help people with Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers, Rocky Mountain horses and Pasos achieve smooth gaits.


Jeannie DeBruce - Miniature Horses

We've always taken pride in our equines through out the years. Miniature horses have been a big part of our lives the last 20, We purchased our first miniature as a ranch mascot back in 89'.

A lot has changed since then, we sold off all the race horses over the course of a few years and decided to invest in the miniature horse industry. Our goal today is quite simply to breed the best show miniatures we can to be competitive in todays show ring.   Crossing Shetland/ Hackney breeding, bred down under 38" with our miniatures. Breeding quality and staying under 38" and breeding under 34" the "A" division.  We've purchased better stock through the years. Bred to better stallions and sold off to make room to improve what now is our winningest stock ever.  As always we're constantly striving to improve, to compete in the ever changing/ improving miniature horse show arena.


Diamond Bar Vaulters

Equestrian Vaulting is a recreational and competitive sport that combines dance, gymnastics and harmony with the horse in a way that is both fun and challenging.  The American Vaulting Association has member clubs all over the country and facilitates education and competition locally, nationally and internationally.  Vaulting is a sport that can be enjoyed by all from ages 2-92.  Performances can be individual, in pairs or by a team of 6 vaulters with 1, 2 or 3 people on the horse at the same time. The horse travels in a circle at the walk, trot or canter and is controlled by a lunger.   In a club setting, vaulters share the care and use of one or more horses, enabling those who do not own a horse to participate.  They learn confidence, teamwork and horsemanship while developing themselves into top athletes.  

Vaulting can be used to start riders for any equestrian discipline by first developing their seat and balance on the horse without their having to control the horse at the same time.  For this reason, it is a great addition to any equestrian program, and allows more people experience with the horse with a fewer number of horses in the program.

The Diamond Bar Country Vaulters will be performing at the Norco Equine Affair and can assist you in trying a few vaulting moves on the barrel yourself.  They can also help you start your own vaulting program.  Join in the fun as a spectator or participant.




Megan Gastel

Megan Gastel began riding at the young age of three and began competing at the age of five in hunters under the tutelage of John Bragg of Bridgeport Farms. At the age of eleven, she made the switch to the sport of Three Day Eventing. She began her training under Olympian Jil Walton and rode with Jil for many years until leaving for college in 2006. While in college, Megan worked for many prestigious event and dressage barns and served as the chairman to the American Connemara Pony Society. She organized and ran recognized USEF, USDF, and CDS shows. In 2011 Megan received her degree in Biology from Sonoma State University. Upon her graduation Megan made the decision to move to Europe to further her equestrian education. While abroad she studied with the British Horse Society to receive her trainers certification, worked for 4* riders Aidan Keough and Melanie Wrynn, and was also honored to train with world renowned William Micklem. After returning to the states, Megan took the position as assistant trainer to Tamra Smith of Next Level Eventing in Temecula, CA. In 2013 she opened her own training barn in Norco, CA, operating under the name Telesis Equestrian. She chose the name Telesis for her business as it means “progress intelligently planned”, her business moto. Megan has competed to the Advanced level in the sport of Three-Day Eventing aboard her longtime partner, DeMello. Just as Megan has distinct goals for herself, she imparts this work ethic into her students.  From beginners through more advanced levels, Megan welcomes new riders and enjoys bringing them up through the ranks, as she has done herself.  With patience, persistence, and a plan, Megan has a thorough approach which is tailored to each rider and their aspirations – be that in the ultimate goal of competing in Three-Day Eventing, or individual disciplines best suited to the rider.


Cowboy Dressage: Presented by Jesseca Hutchings

Mission & Vision Statement

Soft Feel (or Fresh Rein) is the guiding principle of Cowboy Dressage®.  It is a wordless, intimate and for some a spiritual communication within the partnership between horse and rider. Soft feel is not only sending messages but having the sensitivity and awareness to feel and receive the message the horse sends back. 

The timing and use of the Release, Relaxation, Preparation and Execution are the basic fundamentals of Soft Feel.

Since Soft Feel is the mission of Cowboy Dressage® it will be scored with emphases on lightness, harmony, finesse and partnership as a priority. Balance, cadence, carriage, control, and performance are additional areas the horse and rider will be judged and scored.©


Susie Hoffman Peacock

Susan Hoffman Peacock has developed a truly unique and inclusive training system for horses and riders. She breaks the learning process into easily understood topics that are pertinent to successful progression and understanding.

Learning is broken down into Three topics; Logical Progression, Biomechanics and Goal Setting. It is amazing how quickly difficult topics can be understood when information is introduced to horses and riders is this clear method.

Susan holds a University Degree from California University of Pomona in Business Management. While she was studying her business classes she was very interested in the topic of how we learn and understand. She utilized these topics while she earned the highest instructor/trainer certification offered by the United States Dressage Federation.

Website: http://dressagepeacock.com


Joline King

Joline King-Pebley of King Performance Horses was born and raised in the horse show industry. The King Family has been in the horse training business for over 58 years specializing in western events, with an emphasis on reining and ranch riding. Joline holds many judges’ cards such as International Buckskin, Ponies of America, United States Equestrian Federation, and National Reining Horse Association.  She has judged all around California, Hawaii, and was one of the 2017 Mule Day’s judges. She has been on multiple committees with USEF, PCHA, and CRHA. Joline prides herself for matching the perfect horse and rider combination that has led her students to many championships in the show ring.


Linda Lair

Linda Laird coached at many notable riding schools in Southern California. That led to her starting her own school. At its peak “Ride America” had twenty- five lesson horses and over 200 students.

In 1998 she moved to Bishop where she continued to learn about mules working for Rock Creek Pack Station.  Wanting to get back to teaching, she opened the Double L Ranch, training and riding facility in Bishop. Her focus is on complete horsemanship built upon respect and responsibility. She believes that mules have so much to teach us.  Mules have been a big influence in her career. Today, the Double L Ranch riding school and training facility boasts numerous world titles with both her students and mules.


Sheryl Lynde

My Passion is working with horses - I start colts and build a strong foundation from the ground up to the saddle. I desensitize to tarps, dragging ropes, flags, etc. and expose them to trail and cow work. I work with Problem Horses and resolve issues once I determine the cause - is the horse Fearful, Aggressive, Disrespectful - a little of all, then once I address the cause I can successfully address the issues of bucking, bolting, charging, etc. I also teach the rider how to be the leader their horse is looking for - what caused the issues with the horse and how to resolve them and build that trust between Horse and Rider.

Website: http://sheryllyndeclinics.com


Jerry Lunde

Jerry Lunde has been in the Farrier business for 38 years.  A Master Farrier,  Mr. Lunde has been flown all over the United States following his practice and shoeing some of the best show horses in the world, having shod over 4000 World and NRHA Champions.  Mr. Lunde works with many veterinarians nationally to come up with solutions for horses with lameness issues.  Standing by his side, his wife Shelley Lunde has assisted Jerry in producing over 150 World Champions in multiple disciplines in the show horse industry.   Mr. Lunde and his wife were also inducted to the Norco Hall of Fame for his achievements in the equine industry.

Jerry will attest, much of his successes in business have come to him because he also rides and trains horses for all disciplines in which he also shoes. This provides him that extra insight that maybe some farriers may not have.   Jerry will be demonstrating this philosophy and how he implements it in his daily training/farrier program.  

For all you competitors out there, Jerry will be sharing his knowledge with others to help bring a better understanding between the Horse, Owner and your Farrier.  


Mark Matson

Event MC

Mark Matson grew up in a small town in Southern Ohio. He attended Edmonds Community College in Lynnwood, Washington, Lamar Community College in Lamar, Colorado and The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio where he received a lifetime of student loan debt. After college Mark decided to pursue a career as a Horse Trainer. Starting out as a horse trainers assistant, Mark worked for some of the top trainers in the world. After eight years of assistant trainer experience Mark was eligible for parole and went out on his own. Starting out in 2001 Mark Matson primarily competed in the National Reined Cow Horse Association and Working Cow Horse of the AQHA. Mark was a founding member of the Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association and served as President of the Valley Cow Horse Association for four years. Mark trained multiple National Champions in the NRCHA and was the 2005 NRCHA Open Hackamore World Champion. Today he owns the Temecula Carriage Company with his lovely wife Marika and their 3 year old daughter Annabel. They offer horse drawn tours through the gorgeous Temecula Valley Wine Country and are always available to attend special events all over Southern California.


Sunni McCormick

Sunni McCormick, for over 20 years has been in the equine industry in one way or another.   Regardless the discipline, from western pleasure to cutting, with a little timed events thrown in between, Sunni finally found her passion with the discipline of reined cow- horse.   

Sunni spent 9 years working for a professional in the reined cowhorse industry as their assistant.  However, like many top named trainers before her, she recently “Cowgirl- Up” to established her own business in Temecula, Ca. 

In addition to her innate desire to coach both the experienced and new riders, she also competes in NRCHA and AQHA events. Sunni also holds her NRCHA judges card which gives her a greater perspective on the sport of reined cowhorse


Matt Sheridan

Matt's biography and accomplishments:

Matt Sheridan is a fifth generation horseman who for the past 23 years has successfully trained and shown horses in a variety of breeds and events. Matt is keenly interested in advancing others' knowledge of horses and horsemanship through clinics, training and lessons. His focus is teaching others to have responsive horses that move well beyond the basics of the present horsemanship movement. Matt uses his horses to help others see what they can achieve through practical applications to riding.

Website: http://mattsheridan.net


Jerry Tindell

“My mission is to facilitate the communication of the horses and mules to their owners and handlers. At the same time, to teach and enable their owners/handlers to develop the skills necessary to interpret their animal’s signals for a safe and functional relationship.”

“My philosophy is simple; it stems from the horse and mule and is then translated for the human. I want to achieve as much or more with my animals as if we were built the same. I leverage their natural lifestyle to achieve extraordinary yet expected results that gain trust, control and confidence for both of us living in the human’s world.

I'm not trying to sell folks something, I’m trying to teach folks about themselves and the animals they care for.”

Website: jerrytindell.com