Cal Fire

The men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) are dedicated to the fire protection and stewardship of over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned wildlands. In addition, the Department provides varied emergency services in 36 of the State's 58 counties via contracts with local governments.



California is comprised of culturally diverse people of all ages. Yet, we all have this in common: We all use roads and highways throughout the state to go places, conduct business, engage in commerce, or simply enjoy California's beauty. Help us do it safely! The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is actively working to reduce collision and fatality rates in California.


Connie Nelson & Firegel Ergo

Barricade International President, John Bartlett is the Florida firefighter who invented the first fire blocking gel after observing that a used, wet disposable baby diaper did not burn during a routine trash fire. From this humble beginning, he has brought us an easy-to-use system that is changing the way homeowners protect their most precious possessions and lifestyles. And professional firefighters have a highly effective tool for protecting the towns and homesthreatened by wildfires. Working just like the super absorbent polymers in the diaper, Barricade absorbs many times its weight of water and forms "wet, sticky sponges." These water-filled bubblets adhere to surfaces in many molecular layers - each of which must be evaporated before the underlying layer is affected. After a fire, it washes away with water and is biodegradable. The gel valuable to firefighters because it's mixed with water using a 1-to-99 ratio, meaning little gel is needed to fight a large fire. Other fire retardants are mixed in a 1-to-4 or 1-to-5 ratio. That makes Barricade more portable, allowing firefighters to transport it closer to a fire quickly. The gel works better than the foams most fire departments use because the water bubbles insulate better than air bubbles, he says .


Susan Olmstead-Bowen


CPAs are important for many different reasons. They perform audit and assurance services that no other profession can do. For instance, public company audit opinions can only be given by CPAs. Public accountants also provide tax and consulting services that other professionals can't provide.


Dave Robart

Dave Robart is a Three-time world champion and three-time reserved world champion also multiple national Top five and top 10s a renowned horse trainer and bit revolutionist who owns and operates Robart Training Center in Hookerton, NC. Robart’s training practices using his patented ‘Pinchless Bits’ and methods of positive reinforcement have provided an answer to what other trainers have labeled problematic horses. “My passion for horses began when I was 11 years old, exercising race horses in California. This passion grew even stronger when I began breaking horses with his father, a trainer of Roy Roger’s horses.” It was in 1985 that Robart opened his first training facility.

Robart has over 30 years of experience are now available to the novice horse owners and riders through clinics where he educates them on bits, biting, training techniques, and tracing behavior problems. The most popular portion of Robart’s clinics involves a lesson on understanding body language where he uses his patented products to show cause and effect.


Dusty Garrett

G Spur Hydroptherapy

At G Spur Equine Hydrotherapy Center swimming the horses is the ultimate in training and therapy with absolutely no impact. This type of core strength training brings out the best in your "Now Fit" well conditioned horse, because swimming requires additional cardiovascular exertion from the hydrodynamic pressure that is placed on the ribcage and lungs. A great strengthening of the heart and lungs occurs when the lungs need to work harder to deliver enough oxygen to the muscles so there is no concussive pounding on the limbs and joints that occurs with land based forms of training and rehabilitation enhancing the horses attitude and behavior patterns. 60 percent of the ground work can be replaced with a well structured swimming program this means less chance of foot, tendon, or ligament problems, so they are less prone to injury.


Hilmoe Bertier Marrero Law Firm

We make it a priority to understand each client's unique goals for business law solutions, corporate and estate planning transactions as well as elder care solutions. Our clients include emerging and mid-size companies from California to Washington, D.C. We serve as corporate counsel to several for profit and nonprofit organizations, which enables us to work closely with their directors and internal management to develop unique legal solutions.


Jacquie Fenaroli-Gardner

This pretty Mare "Paris" is still recovering from injuries she sustained over two weeks ago from a poor fitting saddle. Her rider had no indications from her horse that there was a problem! Come watch this amazing presentation! Jackie Fenaroli of Stonewall Saddle Co. is here with the ABC's of saddle fitting and demo of "Living Bar" Technology.


Jim Nocero

As a successful Business Owner, Global Operations Manager, National Supply Chain and MFG Resource developer, prior to becoming an executive Property and Causality Insurance Broker over a decade ago, one common core element has kept me forthright, the equestrian lifestyle.

As Principle Division Manager of BOIS, these common cores that all equine owners and lovers have is unmistakable, its hard work, caring desire, focus on details and most importantly trust and honesty that characterizes our personal and business successes. 

Our commercial prominence includes: Manufacturing, Medical Care operations & properties, both in human services and our equine and pet friends, Sports Venues & Clubs, and Professional and Personal services markets. Our Equine division is an inclusive protection advantage for both Personal and Commercial equine markets, in addition to; equine support services, mfg/retail/suppliers, events and competitions. 

Phone: (800) 264-7750


J.T. Garoutte

Trailer Safety and Maintenance

J.T. has been a professional service and repair expert for a prestigious Trailer company here in our home town of Norco, California. He specializes in annual services, customizations and alterations, warranty services, insurance claims, and after market claims. Basically, he can do it all! He is going to provide some incredibly valuable information to help you keep your trailer maintained and safe for all users involved. 



Ma & Pa Rattlesnake Dog Training

Gina Gables is the owner of Ma and Paw Kennel - Canine Training Services, established in 1991. Gina has successfully trained thousands of dogs (and their people) for over 20 years in disciplines ranging from basic obedience and extensive behavior modification to training personal protection dogs and herding dogs.


OH Kruse

Western Milling has four locations consisting of its headquarters in Goshen, with full production capabilities, a feed mill operation with commodity storage and mixing capabilities in Phoenix, a distribution and sack warehouse in Ontario, CA, and finally its newest site in Famoso, which is set up to roll corn and process various commodities, including distillers grains, canola and cottonseed. Being one of the first feed manufacturers in the United States to use compartmented tankers for livestock feeds, the Company has always felt that trucking was an integral part of its business and Western Milling has carried on this tradition. Through its affiliate, OHK Transport, LLC, it currently has approximately 70 trucks on the road delivering feed to its customers. With production capacity and demand continually on the rise, the Kruse family has been undoubtedly successful in reestablishing themselves as a market share leader in the western United States. As O.H. Kruse Grain & Milling gears up for the competitive environment that awaits in the future, we remain mindful of the core values and primary success factors that got us where we are today. O.H. Kruse is only as good as its people, which is its primary resource and asset. Our success evolved out of the beginnings which date back to 1935 and was based on working as one team then and will continue by working as one team as it goes forward into the future.


Phil Wozniak

The Norco Horse Affair invites you to Sunday Church Services on October 7th, 2018. Grace Fellowship, once again, led by Pastor Phil Wozniak, will open Fiesta Sunday with song, while he welcomes you to Norco and our community affair.Pastor Phil Wozniak finished his bachelor’s degree in History and Political Science at Vanguard University. He continues his theological studies through Reformed Theological Seminary. Pastor Phil along with his wife Jen, and their 5 adopted children, relocated to Norco in 2014. Their children enjoy a variety of activities: Gymnastics, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and farm life. The Wozniak family loves everything a rural Norco lifestyle entails. It all began with two goats (Pepe & Flower), then quickly progressed to include chickens and now has graduated to horses. The Wozniak family is excited to be part of a church that has deep roots in our city and community. Grace Fellowship is a Christ Centered/Bible Based Church, that desires to be a vibrant part of the community.


Triple Crown

It takes a unique combination of genetic potential, superior training, hard work and quality care to become a winner of the prestigious Triple Crown. But the secret to raising a successful horse begins with a superior feeding program. Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. has developed such a feed program. Much like the Triple Crown racing event, which consists of three acclaimed races, the manufacturing of Triple Crown products focuses on three critical areas: Revolutionary formulations, Premium Ingredients and our EquiMix® Technology. The Triple Crown program of feed, supplements and fibers can create a successful feeding program and is unlike any other product line. The program is designed to address your concerns about proper equine nutrition, its benefits, as well as the dangers of improper feeding and dispensing of supplements. While feeding your horse Triple Crown® feed, supplements and fiber may not automatically place your horse in the winner’s circle, it will help her maintain high performance levels, and keep your horse healthy and in supreme condition.


Victoria Beelik

The difference between successful evacuation and a possible catastrophic outcome is planning. Emergency evacuations happen quickly but horse training and disaster planning will make a difference. Plan, Prepare and Implement is about being proactive versus reactive. Horse safety is critical and large animal emergency planning will help ensure our horses stay safe during natural disasters.


Wendy McEuen

Head Trama and Helmet Safty - Sponsored by Tipperary.
(Helmet giveaway associated with this seminar)

Wendy has been an Injury Prevention Coordinator at Riverside Community Hospital for nearly 15 years. She has a Master's degree in nursing education as well as a bachelor's degree in animal sciences. She is also a professor at a local college in the nursing field. She is going to be presenting us with life-saving information when a head trama may occur. Please come and learn what you can do to save a life! There will also be a helmet giveaway at Wendy's seminar.

Contact: 951-788-3650