The Farrier's Corner

The mission of the AFA is to provide professional development ,leadership, and resources for the benefit of the farrier industry and to promote the well-being of the horse through education of the horse owner, veterinarian, and farrier.

Established in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1971, the AFA began with a small organization of farriers who wished to help organize the farrier community and provide direction for the future. Since those humble beginnings, the AFA has grown into an association of international scope, providing direction and growth for the farrier community.

Today, the AFA represents farrier interests throughout the equine world. In addition to its primary concerns of promoting equine welfare and providing continuing education for working farriers and the equine community, the AFA stays abreast of the equine community and acts as an advocate for farriers in relations with veterinarians, breed and sport associations, and state and federal government agencies.

The AFA centers upon five foundational tenets, which reinforce our mission and drive all of our efforts and programs: Education, Certification, Communication, Research, and Innovation. These five, timeless tenets provide the basis for all AFA programs and serve as the focal points of the AFA, past and present.

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