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Susan Hoffman Peacock


Susan Hoffman Peacock is a ranch owner in Eastvale, California. She is a well respected trainer as well as a national and international clinician. She has spent years helping people train their horses with classical dressage techniques and theory. She is one of the few USDF nationality certified instructor/trainers in the United States.

Susan considers herself very fortunate to have learned from some of the very best trainers in the world. Her longtime mentor, Conrad Schumacher, has helped her to thoroughly understand the development of the horse in a classical way.

Susan students and horses have won many national titles and awards. Most recently her student Sailor Boden and her favorite German Riding Pony Blitzwane earned third place for the U.S. National FEI Pony Finals at Lamplight in Chicago, Illinois. They are the first west coast team to place in the top rankings! Susan truly enjoys all aspects of training and teaching, making learning a fun and satisfying experience.




Tiffany Kell Brinton


For over thirty years United States Dressage Federation Bronze, Silver and Gold (Grand Prix) medalist, Tiffany Kell Brinton has worked as a dressage trainer in the southern California area. Early in her career she trained hunter/jumpers, quarter horses, paints and appaloosas as well. She has successfully guided clients to compete and win World and National championships at the AQHA World, Paint World, Appaloosa Nationals and Worlds, Arabian Nationals, Sport Horse Nationals and Andalusion World Cup.

However, her passion has always been dressage. She has been active competing and training member of the California Dressage Society since 1988. She has coached junior dressage riders to the CDS junior dressage championships for 23 consecutive years and guided her riders to numerous National dressage titles and championships. Tiffany has developed over twenty FEI horses and helped her riders earn over 25 USDF medals.

“I feel fortunate to have had so much experience with so many breeds and so many disciplines over the years, says Tiffany. What has always remained constant throughout all of my training is the importance of solid basics in the horse’s and rider’s foundation. The aids are the same in asking a horse to travel forward, soft and round in a dressage test as they are for the intricate, quiet communication needed to navigate a working equitation obstacle course.”

“The flat work for a working hunter isn’t different from that of a western pleasure horse. Train your horse in a supple, light off your aids manner, helping your horse to develop self carriage from back to front.”

“I love the fact that dressage can improve any breed of horse for any discipline.”

“Currently I’ve been culminating years of experience, honing in on the importance of basics and proving that simple suppling and strengthening creates the possibility of Grand Prix in any breed. We have a dutch warmblood, a Lusitano, a Purebred Arabian and a Friesian all training the Grand Prix!”

“From young horses to Grand Prix and riders of all levels and abilities, it is the journey that I love most. Having fun while learning and growing is what dressage and all of our equestrian disciplines should be about".